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Half-timbered houses in Tréguier
Visit of the Small City of Character, Cathedral and Cloister, monuments and half-timbered houses, shops, strolls and festive evenings (Wednesdays Tréguier ... market day)

City Towers: click on the photo and visit ...

Paimpol (abbey of Beauport ...) / Pontrieux (the little train ... Pontrieux and its 50 wash-houses ...)
The Trieux steam train ...


The small town of character with 50 laundries, in Côtes d’Armor
Small city of character at 50 restored wash houses, flower town 4 flowers, city of craftsmen .... Visit

"The Steam of the Trieux"

Discover the Trieux Valley by steam train: click on the picture ...


Visit the Beauport Maritime Abbey in Paimpol, by clicking here ... or on the photos below:
Paimpol, Beauport Abbey

Another view of Beauport Abbey

The castle of La Roche Jagu in Ploézal, see by clicking here ... or on the photos below:

The Trieux Valley

Hiking around Paimpol: click here
Port of Gwin Zegal - Plouha - click here or on the picture

See also

Chapel of Kermaria an Isquit in Plouha - Click here or on the picture

Sillon de Talbert, Plougrescant: the chasm, Castel Meur, the little house between the rocks ...
The Talbert Trench, an exceptional geomorphological formation and site Located north of Paimpol in the coastal town of Pleubian, from which it extends the western border of the Trieux estuary, the Talbert furrow advances at sea over a length of nearly three kilometers ... click on the photo

Sillon de Talbert, in Brittany in the Côtes d’Armor

The abyss at Plougrescant
Plougrescant, Castel Meur, the little house between the rocks
Plougrescant is best known for the postcard that went around the world and represents a small stone house built and set between two huge blocks of granite. Surrounded by a stone wall, it was built a few meters from a chasm. Click on the chasm or the little house ... see and read

Ile de Bréhat

(Côtes d’Armor)

Perros-Guirec - Bréhat Day Tour

From the Perros-Guirec ferry terminal, embark on an unforgettable voyage: 29 nautical miles of coastal navigation to cross the Talbert furrow, the Héaux de Bréhat lighthouse, the Trieux estuary, Loguivy-de-la-Mer Once or twice a week, from April to September, the stars of Perros-Guirec offer an excursion to the island of Bréhat. An exceptional excursion at the end of which you will have the day to walk on this picturesque island with its narrow streets and flowered houses. During the day, you can borrow a Bréhat star to sail around the island and discover the archipelago, its creeks and its many rocky islets.

Stars of Bréhat
Star of Bréhat for a crossing to the island of flowers
Chapel Saint-Michel where the view is beautiful Bréhat, the mill Birlot
Brehat, the lighthouse of the Peacock
Agapanthus de Bréhat Bréhat, climbing geraniums ...
Welcome to the website of Vedettes de Bréhat. Time for a stopover, visit Bréhat, the island of flowers and pink rocks (click on the "star").
Isle of Batz (Finistère)

Not far from Roscoff, you can discover the Ile de Batz.

The island is 3.5 km long and 1.5 km wide and offers more than 14 km of coastline lined with many sandy beaches. Follow the links on the photos below ...

You can visit the exotic island garden of Georges Delaselle (click here to go directly to the site or the photo on the right)

Mont-Saint-Michel (English Channel)

Mont Saint-Michel, a wonder ... Visit recommended during a stay in the charming cottage

"Wonder of the West", Mont Saint-Michel stands in the heart of a huge bay invaded by the largest tides in Europe. It was at the request of the Archangel Michael, "chief of the heavenly militias", that Aubert, bishop of Avranches built and consecrated an early church on October 16, 709. In 966, at the request of the Duke of Normandy, a community of Benedictines settles on the rock. The pre-Romanesque church was then raised there before the year 1000.

more info
Mont Saint-Michel, a historical monument of great wealth

Océanopolis - Brest (Finistère)

Océanopolis - Brest

A unique ocean discovery park in Europe Since June 1990, the date of its opening, Océanopolis has made its 3.5 million visitors discover the sea in Brittany and the functioning of the oceans. To better welcome you and enrich your visit, Océanopolis has designed a large extension project. On May 29, 2000, Océanopolis opened a unique Ocean Discovery Park in Europe. With two new pavilions devoted to polar and tropical ecosystems, a completely refurbished temperate pavilion, a 3D cinema,

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